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本文摘要:With a variety of bands, and price tags ranging all the way from $349 – $17,000, theres an Apple Watch for everyone. Except, possibly, the heavily tattooed.面向大众发售的Apple Watch,款式多样,价格从349美元到17000美元平均。现在它却被找到有可能呼吸困难用作有大量纹身的人。


With a variety of bands, and price tags ranging all the way from $349 – $17,000, theres an Apple Watch for everyone. Except, possibly, the heavily tattooed.面向大众发售的Apple Watch,款式多样,价格从349美元到17000美元平均。现在它却被找到有可能呼吸困难用作有大量纹身的人。Thats according to a new thread on Reddit which claims that several tattoo-sporting Apple Watch customers are having trouble using the device, because the wearables wrist-detection feature gets confused by the way in which tattoos reflect the green and infrared light emitted by the Watch.Reddit上的一个新帖称之为,几个有纹身的消费者找到他们的Apple Watch无法长时间用于,原因在于纹身不会光线手表升空出有的绿光和红外光,造成该可穿着设备的手腕监测功能被阻碍。

The result? People with tattoos dont get notifications, unless they move the Watch to an un-tattooed area, or turn off wrist detection. Not exactly ideal for those with full sleeves!结果怎么样?有纹身的人除非把手表戴着在没纹身的地方,或者重开手腕监测功能,否则他们无法收到通报。这对于整个手臂都有纹身的人来说不太可能。“I thought my shiny new 42mm [Watch] had a bad wrist detector sensor,” writes one user. “The [W]atch would lock up every time the screen went dark and prompted me for my password. I wouldnt receive notifications. I couldnt figure out why especially since the watch was definitely not losing contact with my skin. [A]lso I couldnt find anything online with people experiencing this issue. I was about to give up and call Apple … when I decided to try holding it against my hand (my left arm is sleeved and where I wear my watch is tattooed as well) and it worked. My hand isnt tattooed and the Watch stayed unlocked. Once I put it back on the area that is tattooed with black ink the watch would automatically lock again.”“我实在我亮眼的新42毫米手表的手腕监测功能有问题,”一名使用者写出到。





”As a possible explanation, another Redditor writes that:一位网友得出了更为合理的说明:“Oxyhemoglobin has several local peaks of absorbance which can be used for pulse oximetry: one green, one yellow, one infrared, etc. Apple uses the ones at infrared and green parts of the spectrum. Now, heres some key facts. Melanin and ink are both equally good at absorbing frequencies over 500nm, which sadly includes the green. But, melanins absorbance falls down so rapidly that by the infrared end of the spectrum its hardly absorbing anything at all. That, combined with the fact that Apple adjusts the sensitivity/light level dynamically means infrared is probably black people friendly. Ink has a much more gradual fall off, so even infrared might not work for them.”“氧基血红素能较慢吸取绿光、黄光和红外光等,可用作脉搏血氧测量。苹果公司就利用了其可吸收光谱中的绿光和红外光的性能。现在,有几个关键原理。



而墨水的的吸食光度上升陡峭,因此连红外光也无法为其工作了。”While its possible to turn off the wrist detection feature, this also stops Apple Pay from working. Weve reached out to Apple to ask if this is a problem thats been reported elsewhere, and will update this post when we hear back.尽管能重开手腕监测功能,但手表的缴纳功能也就随之无法用于了。我们早已联系了苹果公司,告知了其他地方否也有某种程度的问题。接到恢复后,不会为您带给先前报导。

Tattoo-gate, anyone?苹果纹身门,谁能解决问题这个问题呢?。