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调查显示 亚洲企业网络安全状况世界范围内最差

本文摘要:Many Asian organisations are badly defended against cyber-attacks, a year-long investigation by US security company Mandiant indicates.根据美国网络安全公司Mandiant一份宽约一年的调查表明,许多亚洲企业在抵挡黑客网络攻击方面展现出很差。


Many Asian organisations are badly defended against cyber-attacks, a year-long investigation by US security company Mandiant indicates.根据美国网络安全公司Mandiant一份宽约一年的调查表明,许多亚洲企业在抵挡黑客网络攻击方面展现出很差。The median time between a breach and its discovery was 520 days, its says. That is three times the global average.这份调查表明,从侵略再次发生到找到侵略,大多数亚洲企业花费的时间的520天。

这一数值是全球平均水平的三倍。Asia was also 80% more likely to be targeted by hackers than other parts of the world, the report said. An average of 3.7GB in data had been stolen in each attack, which could be tens of thousands of documents.该报告表明,比起于世界其他地区,亚洲被黑客当作目标的几率要低80%。在每次黑客侵略中,亚洲企业平均值要损失3.7G的数据,那有可能是数以万计的文件。

However, the bulk of the incidents were not made public because the region lacks breach disclosure laws.然而,大部分类似于事件都没被公开发表,因为亚洲地区缺乏违背信息透露的法律。Grady Summers, the chief technology officer of Mandiants parent company, FireEye, said the findings were very concerning.Mandiant母公司“火眼”的首席技术主管格雷迪·萨默斯认为,这些找到“令人十分忧虑”。We knew responses to cyber-incidents here in Asia often lag those elsewhere, but we didnt know it was by this much, he told the BBC.格雷迪在拒绝接受BBC专访时回应:“我们告诉亚洲地区对网络事件的反应要领先于世界其他地区,但是我们没想到竟然不会领先这么多。”As part of the study, Mandiant hacked into one organisations network with its permission to see how vulnerable it was.作为研究的一部分,Mandiant在一家机构的容许之下侵略了他们的网络,从而展出他们的网络是多么的不堪一击。

Within three days we had the keys to the kingdom, Mr Summers said. If an expert group of hackers can do the same in three days, imagine what can they do in 520 days.萨默斯说:“三天将近我们就掌控了转入网络的钥匙。如果一个专业的黑客团伙可以在三天做某种程度的事的话,想想看他们在520天内可以腊些什么。

”The year-long investigation included vulnerability checks on about 22,000 machines across a variety of sectors.在这份宽约一年的调查中,Mandiant公司对有所不同行业共22000台机器做到了漏洞检查。Leaving breaches undiscovered or unreported for too long can ultimately compromise a countrys economic competitiveness or national security, Mandiant warns.Mandiant警告称之为,如果没找到侵略或者过于长时间不报告的话,最后不会伤害一个国家的经济竞争力或国家安全性。Hackers could take over key infrastructure such as power stations, which happened in the Ukraine, and potentially even transport systems in so-called smart cities.黑客们可以攻占例如发电站一类的关键基础设施(乌克兰曾多次再次发生过这样的事),甚至有可能攻占所谓的“智能城市”中的交通系统。

On a consumer level, personal information can be used for fraudulent purposes. More than 500 million digital identities were stolen or exposed last year, an earlier report by security company Symantec suggests.在消费者层面上,个人信息或许不会被用于欺诈目的。此前由网络安全公司赛门铁克公布的一份报告表明,去年全球有多达5亿人的数字身份信息被盗或被泄漏。