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苹果下周的发布会 我们能看到什么新产品

本文摘要:Apple is to release a whole host of new products in the coming weeks, according to rumours.谣传苹果公司将在接下来的几周中公布一整套新产品。



Apple is to release a whole host of new products in the coming weeks, according to rumours.谣传苹果公司将在接下来的几周中公布一整套新产品。The company will hold its fairly regular spring event this year and use it to introduce updates to the iPad Pro as well as new models of the iPhone, according to reports.据报导,苹果公司将在今年之后举行其非常有规律的春季发布会,并在该发布会上讲解苹果平板电脑的改版情况以及新款的苹果手机。Though Apple hasnt yet announced that event – and there are only a few days left in spring – the company is still expected to unveil the new hardware in the coming weeks, and perhaps in early April, according to rumours.据说,虽然苹果公司还没有宣告此次活动,而且春季也只只剩几天了,但该公司仍未来将会在接下来的几周,也有可能是四月初,发售新的硬件设备。The headline release is likely to be new versions of the iPad Pro, the larger version of which hasnt been updated since September 2015. Alongside updates to both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions of the tablet, its expected to launch a 10.5-inch model that might also bring with it a new design and new features.公布的重点产品有可能是新版的平板电脑(iPad Pro),这款平板自2015年9月就没有再行改版过了,而新版本的平板屏幕不会更大。

除了这款平板9.7英寸和12.9英寸的改版版本,苹果公司还有望发售一款10.5英寸的平板,这款平板可能会带给新的外观设计以及新的特色。As well as the iPad Pro, Apple is expected to unveil a red version of its iPhone 7, however, it isnt expected to bring with it any major updates apart from the colour.除了平板电脑(iPad Pro),苹果未来将会发售一款红色的苹果7,不过,除了颜色,这款手机预计会再有其他最重要改版了。The iPhone 8 and 7s, which together will bring far more significant updates to the iPhone, are expected to be unveiled in September.苹果8以及苹果7s预计不会在9月发售,这两款手机将同时带给更加最重要的改版。


Its not clear where the company will hold the event. In recent years it has held those events on its campus, but it is currently in the middle of moving away from that Town Hall.目前并不确切苹果公司不会在何处举行这场发布会。最近几年,苹果公司都是在公司园区“苹果校园”中举行这些活动的,然而目前苹果公司正处于搬出市政厅的途中。It said in its statement on the new version of that campus, the Apple Park, that its Steve Jobs Theater would be opening later this year. That was presumed to mean later than April, but its possible that the spring event could also serve as the reveal of that campus.苹果公司在新的园区“苹果公园”的声明中认为,史蒂芬·乔布斯剧院将“在今年晚些时候”营业。人们以为这意味著会晚于4月,但是,苹果公司也有可能在春季发布会上公开发表新的园区。